The treasure hunter

Living in Utah and the desert southwest for over 25 years was an awesome experience. I was able to hunt many Ghost towns, Prospect in the rockies, Treasure hunt old battle sites from the mid-late 1800’s. I even metal detected a movie site for the “Conqueror” starring John Wayne. I have searched for treasure from Spanish expeditions on the Dominguez escalante trail… didn’t find much on this dangerous trail.. I guess I am not that great of a Goonie. lol..

I can’t even tell you my favorite memory, or a favorite find, just stories upon stories of finding junk, coins, buttons, bullets, tokens, gold and more. I have found petroglyphs and signatures at an old waterhole by old Fort Pearce a couple miles from the Arizona strip district. I have also traveled parts of the old Mormon honeymoon trail and old bottles are still lying in the brush along the way.

I am now in Oklahoma and don’t even know where to start! There aren’t many treasure tales or ghost towns. There weren’t many outposts here, This is not the desert that I am used to.

I have not detected a house in 10 years because it isn’t the challenge that I am used to, sure, finding coins is fun. It’s just not anything like riding days on horseback to an an area so remote that it is possible that the last visitor could of been decades ago.

I think I miss home and am ready for my next treasure adventure.


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