I have 24 years experience in all things treasure. My favorite type of metal detecting is “Ghost towning”, but I enjoy all other types of treasure hunting as well.  Over the past 24 years, I have at least a decade of field experience and years of research to my credit. I have found gold and silver in the form of coins and jewelry, and have found countless relics, civil war era buttons, bullets, and more. Research is key! 

This is the promise and experience.

Metal detecting can be fun!

  • Finding old coins
  • relics
  • buttons
  • bottles
  • arrowheads
  • Gold

This is also a great family activity! In the winter when you are stuck in the house you can plan places to go in the spring. This is also a great way to study up on your American wars, Revolutionary War, the war of 1812,

The Civil War which all are available to study in depth on 

There is also coin collecting information, ghost towns, outlaws and many other historical resources. The metal detector shop is small with only 3 metal detectors available from Teknetics, all top of the line for the price!

If you are a teacher this is a great resource for history!


Metal detecting

How to metal detect


Charla and Bill Hester


Diggerzone was created by us to be a guide for all types of treasure hunters. We have resources for the beginner to the advanced professional. There are links to great resources such as, how to value your finds, finds identification,, and bottle digging. There are also many resources for Civil war finds, ghost towns, ect.

I have been into metal detecting for over 2 decades now, and I still get an Adrenaline rush from digging treasure. My site has many resources and how to’s. Check it out.

Metal detecting is a passion! Keep watching for my new posts.