Diggerzone Tee-Shop

The freedom of being your own boss can be an awesome, yet terrifying experience. You can have a great schedule and wear what you want all day, and no annoying people to deal with, so sip some coffee and get ready to enjoy your day.

Here are some reasons I started a T-shirt business.

  1. Make money 24/7 365
  2. Freedom from stress
  3. Unlimited Vacation
  4. Wanted to spend more time with my daughter
  5. It’s Easy!

When I first started my designs were horrible! I couldn’t get a sale! I wondered why? My design was bad, I mean really bad! I started asking the public what they thought before I put my designs up for sale and it worked. Now my designs are tipping on a regular basis.

Be creative in your designs, as well as your marketing, and if it’s not selling. Post it with a poll and ask the public.

Are you ready to start making money in the Tee biz?

This is one of my favorites click on this link for more info560 (3)